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Moses made a fiery brass serpent, and set it on a pole so that everyone who was a sinner, when he saw it, should live.  And as Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness, so was Jesus the Messiah lifted up so that everyone who is a sinner and believes in Jesus will not perish, but have eternal life.

Gaius Famius is a pseudonym for a team of home educated unschoolers who work collaboratively on various projects, as the fancy strikes them, as writers, illustrators, animators, and producers.

We believe that Jesus is God from all eternity and the beginning and end of creation.  There is no other mediator between man and God except Jesus Himself.  There is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we can be saved.  Jesus is the only way to God and salvation.

We believe that the bible, as given to human authors by the Holy Spirit is perfect and without error, but the translations of men are commonly full of errors and intentional corruptions to fit the beliefs of the translators.

We believe that the bible means what is says, and that Jesus created the universe in a six day creation approximately 6000 years ago.

We believe that all men and women are descendants of Adam and Eve, and there is only one race, the Human Race.

We are non-legalists as no man is capable of keeping the law, and salvation is by grace, a gift from God. Even our faith to believe in God is a gift from God.  No part of salvation comes from our own works or merit.  A changed life after salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit, and cannot come from obedience to the law.

We believe that there is no church except for the body of Christ, and that local congregations are to be autonomous and separate from both the world and compromising Christians, while not abandoning the preaching of the gospel and truth to both the world and worldly Christians.

We are 100% pro-life, without exceptions, and opposed to not only abortion in all of it's forms, but also war and capital punishment.  Only God has the right to end the life of a human.

We believe that man is finite and can never know everything about God and does not have the authority to question the only living, infinite God.

About Us and What We Believe